Tanya, South Africa

Having never had more than two consecutive days without my beloved wine glass firmly in my hand, TERRIFIED couldn’t even begin to explain how I felt prior to joining the Thrivalist course! I simply did not see the point of living this messy life without my hard-earned and well-deserved reward at the end of every day. But now,  I am almost 8 months alcohol-free and celebrating my life in a way I never knew existed! The group-coaching community and Jen and Lucy's incredible support have been instrumental in this beautiful journey and I feel so absolutely privileged to have had this amazing opportunity to discover life without alcohol!

Alex, Australia

I have tried so many times to moderate and it wasn't until I started Thrivalist that the change REALLY happened. The whole time I've been focusing on moderating and cutting down and it never dawned on me that I could find such happiness quitting altogether. I would have laughed and thought it the dumbest most pointless task... yet here I am!

Julia, UK

After years of alcohol abuse, Thrivalist's approach really made a difference for me. The science and amino acid therapy they introduced were key to my recovery. Jen and Lucy's work has changed my life.

Paula, Spain

It's so weird, every other time I have tried this I have thought ahead to events coming up and how I don't want to miss out on drinking at them and don't want to have to tell the people at those events that I am not drinking and now I am thinking about those same events with excitement about experimenting with mocktails, being present and remembering it all and even telling the same people that I am not drinking proudly. It's down to Thrivalist that my mind has shifted. Jen and Lucy, you're the best!

Ash, Australia

This group program really cleared some blocks for me in its early stages. I was able to compartmentalise the negatives of alcohol and say ‘ok informed decision now made’. What a relief to not have to think about that anymore. It is absolutely amazing when I think back to only a few months ago when I was living for wine at night to now having no desire- feeling very thankful. It sounds cliché, but it really is life changing.

Claire, South Africa

Jen, Lucy and this Course are at the top of my gratitude list everyday.

Kylie, USA

Jen and Lucy, you are changing lives... and I know I'm not alone when I say I'm FOREVER grateful.

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